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Mike Brown''s California Country

California Country is a country sound with a mix of new and old flavors. Think Meryl Haggard joins up with Dwight Yokham and they run across Blake Shelton…and all get along playing music together. From semi rowdy country lyric filled songs to slow ballads that make you think of your past or a loved one, California Country is sure to please an audience.



Mike BrownMike Brown

Mike was given the great opportunity of playing music professionally in his Aunt Donna and Uncle Deb’s club in Reedsport Oregon at the young age of 16. Rare opportunity’s came to play with industry professionals like country music’s David Frizzell and folk legend Elizabeth Cotton, traveling and playing live music as a singing drummer. Playing every type of gig that came his way, from the hotel circuit to huge multi-day concerts with thousands of people to small bars, Mike has paid his dues.

The band Spicy Fingers taking him to Redding California, Mike now fronts the band, California Country, playing acoustic and electric guitar, while singing a mix of original material, great older and newer country music!






Teddy Fox Teddy Fox






 Nate Nutt Nathan Hutt





JD Silva  JD Silva

JD Silva started playing drums at age 12 and quickly graduated to the ranks of his Parents local band in Klamath Falls, OR. After years of playing in various bands from a variety of country and classic rock to hard rock and blues Southern Oregon and Northern California he moved to Portland, OR to further pursue music. After a short while JD gained access to the local PDX sound circuit and began to get involved with more recording and playing with area greats in Funk, Blues and Rock such as Body & Soul, Spank, Andy Stokes and The Legends group (Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Elvis tribute). After a few years of honing his drumming skills, JD found his way to San Diego where the process would begin all over again. During his time in San Diego he played with Liquid Blue, The Dirty Birdz and the Horn Starz and Velvet Crumble to further his music career. After 12 years in San Diego, CA, JD and his family moved back to Northern CA where he has been more active as ever seated as drummer for various local bands and recording artists. Along with drums, JD enjoys playing guitar, singing and collaborating with original singer/songwriters and sees this stage as only the beginning of what he hopes will be an endless musical journey.




Josh Sandbloom  Josh Sandbloom





September 22, 2017 Palo Cedro Inn

September 30, 2017 Cody's OK Corral



Play That Country Music

Listening to the Pouring Rain

Be Free

Raisin' Cain


Mike Brown